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Bunya Designs

Print on paper - The shape of country Edition 1

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This piece is inspired from the country I grew up on and the interconnectedness I share with our environment and how the country and land we all live on is absorbed into our being and fibres.


As proud Mayi woman from North Western Queensland I want to share my love of art and interpretation of empowerment of my people.


The pattern in the art is my land Canobie that are changing during the seasons from the dry winters to the flourishing wet. The brown and white are the blend of the colours that covers vast land, Canobie is a special meeting place to my people and hold a strong connection in the hearts of every Mayi person.


I want to share this piece with love and harmony.

Archival quality paper with a velvet/matte finish
Weight 285 gsm
Thickness 17 mil
Bright White, 25% Cotton Linters and 75% Alpha Cellulose
Opacity >98.95%
Whiteness 97.4%
Equivalent to traditional watercolor or etching paper

- State of the art printing technology which results in sharp photographic reproduction and color fidelity
- UL certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink


@BunyaDesigns Copyright Law protects the Artists Copyright in their original artworks. Under Copyright Law it is fair use to reproduce a single copy for personal, provided that no changes are made to the content and provided that a copyright notice accrediting the content is attached to the reproduction.