Sharing the love of my culture through art.

Proud Mayi-Kulan (Mayi speaking tribes) and Kalkadoon woman from North-western Queensland.
Sharing Indigenous & female empowerment through art.
Indigenous Art Code: 5984

Exciting New's

Bunya Designs are excited to be working with Textile Tribe Co for all our fabrics.

Select from a wide range of silhouettes fabrics that evoke emotion.

Sustainable | eco-friendly | biodegradable fabrics. We have a range of patterns available that can be printed on. Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Polyester, Fabric Blends, Bamboo and Organic Cotton

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  • Retail Art

    We are pleased to offer exclusive and non-exclusive retail art to clients throughout
    Australia and New Zealand, get in contact with us today to know more...

  • Commission Work

    If you love my style but don't see anything that is just right for you, you can order a commission piece, custom made for your space. I genuinely enjoy this process and love working together to discuss colors, size, and the right feeling for your piece.

  • Corporate

    We are offer a variety of packages to our corporate partners to bring their
    story to life in Indigenous art, digital and hand painted pieces.

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My Bluethumb Collection

Shop my Bluethumb online gallery for new and old hand painted pieces.


    Current and previous clients, contact us today.

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    @BunyaDesigns Copyright Law protects the Artists Copyright in their original artworks. Under Copyright Law it is fair use to reproduce a single copy for personal, provided that no changes are made to the content and provided that a copyright notice accrediting the content is attached to the reproduction. Indigenous Art Code: 5984