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Bunya Designs

Print on paper - Connected Dreams

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"This piece tells the story of connected dreams.

"Each dot that fills the spaces are that of hopes and dreams for one another for a better future.

"I want to share this piece with love and harmony."

Archival quality paper with a velvet/matte finish
Weight 285 gsm
Thickness 17 mil
Bright White, 25% Cotton Linters and 75% Alpha Cellulose
Opacity >98.95%
Whiteness 97.4%
Equivalent to traditional watercolor or etching paper

- State of the art printing technology which results in sharp photographic reproduction and color fidelity
- UL certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink


@BunyaDesigns Copyright Law protects the Artists Copyright in their original artworks. Under Copyright Law it is fair use to reproduce a single copy for personal, provided that no changes are made to the content and provided that a copyright notice accrediting the content is attached to the reproduction.